Educationally Speaking is a five-week WHRV special, produced by Barry Graham and Kathy Martin, that examines the current state of education. This documentary series will feature local interviews about a different topic each week. 

The first show, airing on March 2 at 1 p.m., will be "Reviving Vocational Education." We will discover how "VoTech" has changed over the years, explore what's new in vocational education, and discuss how students entering the workforce with a certification have a 'leg up' on those with a four-year college degree.

"Its not just Shop and Home Economics anymore," says Sara Lockett and David Swanger, Directors of Virginia Beach Career and Education. Mike Taylor, the Head of the Advanced Technology Center in Virginia Beach, explains how they are unique in preparing secondary and post secondary students in a highly technological driven economy. We also speak to local professionals who made the choice for vocational education and have turned that choice into a successful small business serving Hampton Roads.

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Listen to the show on WHRV 89.5 FM Monday – Thursday at 6:33 a.m. throughout the month of March, or listen live online.


Future shows include:

March 6-9 | The Science of Smart

In this episode, we explore how students can successfully study and improve memory, and we discuss why multi-lingual students have a competitive edge over students who speak only one language.

March 13-16 | From Boots to Books: Student Veterans and the New GI Bill

This week we discuss how the new GI Bill works, and we hear from veterans about the challenges of returning to school after a career in military service.

March 20-23 | Who Needs a Liberal Arts Degree?

Explore how a broad education prepares one for success in an ever changing world economy, and hear from two local professionals who are using their liberal arts education in the technology and healthcare industries. 

March 27-30 | Educating our Black Boys

Barbara Hamm Lee, of Another View, is the guest host of this episode that examines challenges students face in the current economic climate. Our panel of guests include Dr. Steve Perry, one of the most sought after educators in America, along with other nationally known experts in the field of education.