HearSay with Cathy Lewis joined the WHRV lineup in 1996. Since then, the program has become an important spot on the media landscape, one of the longest-running shows of its type in the Commonwealth earning more than 30 awards for excellence.

Cathy also serves as President and CEO of the CIVIC Leadership Institute and is a sought after keynote speaker and facilitator. Her work outside the station serves us well on the air so when she approached the programming team last year about her wish to take the show to three days a week to focus on some additional initiatives, we knew the change would be a win/win situation.

“Our audience has been so supportive of our work in an increasingly contentious public square. As we continue to face issues that demand a lot of us as citizens, we’ll be delivering the same high quality, engaging program Monday through Wednesday,” Cathy said. “And our social media engagement is booming, so the conversation continues on Facebook and Twitter every day.”

Starting March 7, we will present a new local program that has been in development for several months called Watching America. Hosted by British born Dr. Alan Campbell, Watching America combines interviews, engaging audio and deep dive talks into our local and national culture through the eloquent and ever-curious lens of a ‘Brit’ who has spent over two decades figuring it all out. Join us Thursdays at noon for a thought provoking journey that explores social beliefs and psychological evolution! Another View with Barbara Hamm Lee will continue Fridays at noon.

Hear a preview of Watching America at whro.org/watchingamerica.

As a reminder, all of our local programs can be accessed on demand and by podcast, by visiting WHRV.org as well as through the WHRO App.

Listen to archived HearSay episodes online.