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Sean McConnell takes an artesian’s approach to his new album “Secondhand Smoke’ crafting each song himself, playing most of the instruments and using his years of songwriting experience to create modern folk music that is instantly relatable.

Highly prolific, this is McConnell’s ninth album since he started recording at the age of fifteen and is his third in three years. He’s also known for songs he’s written for a number of big-time Nashville stars, but as a solo artist he's more serious minded, with songs that ask questions for which there may not be answers and learning to live with that.

One song features a collaboration with the McCrary Singers and show cases not only their’s but McConnell’s own powerful vocals.

McConnell says “This record is the product of me left to my own devices for a year. Writing, recording, and exploring different sounds at all hours of the day and night, hopping from instrument to instrument, and creating in a way I never have before. It was a quite the musical journey.”