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Sharon Van Etten’s been through a lot of changes since her last album almost 5 years ago. A baby, TV roles in Twin Peaks and The OA, scored a feature film, changes that were all bound to affect her music. Her new album “Remind Me Tomorrow” reflects those new artistic outlets by evolving her sound to be more ambitious, atmospheric and grander.

Within a dark sonic palette of synthesizers and drum loops she conveys a fearless sense of adventure and freedom in her lyrics with keen observations that gives the listener an optimistic feeling despite the foreboding sound.

Some of the songs were only half finished when she gave birth to her baby boy and she says the meaning of the words changed when completed from this different perspective.

For an artist once known for her sparse, guitar oriented music, “Remind Me Tomorrow” is leap into a new realm. But it’s not a shocking transition, just something she’s been building toward for ten years and finally has the courage to share.