The Rock and Roll band is an endangered species so when an great album like The War On Drugs’ “I Don’t Live Here Anymore” arrives it needs to be savored. The Philly band’s newest is a complex balancing act between anthemic rock and experimental successes.

Since the band’s debut in 2008 singer Adam Granduciel whispered intimacy has defined their sound along with the heavily echoed guitar work and those features are here but so is an effort to create a thematic set of songs conveying the idea of change and the slow progress of time.

Granduciel has recently become a father and being in his forties he has become more reflective but the songs are positive and optimistic about his future and the instrumental experiments are uplifting.

On their fifth album, The War on Drugs have found their niche. “I Don’t Live Here Anymore” is a statement that they are one of the great rock band’s of this century, showing resilience in the face of resistance and isn't that what rock and roll has always been about?