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Leidy Klotz says we neglect a basic way to make things better: we don’t subtract.

Engineering professor Leidy Klotz discovered through research that human beings are wired to add, not subtract. In fact, he says we're twice as disappointed to lose something as we are happy to gain something of the same value. The human aversion to subtraction can result in inferior design, unmanageable piles of regulations, and a chaotic personal life.

In this conversation with Dr. Alan Campbell, Klotz discusses his research and offers tips on how to wield the power of subtraction for the benefit of yourself and your community.

If you were wondering if this Leidy Klotz is the same professional soccer player Leidy Klotz—you would be correct. In fact, Klotz wrote a book about soccer as well. Now, he is Copenhaver Associate Professor of engineering at the University of Virginia.