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Mumford and Sons have changed quite a bit since their humble debut album from almost ten years ago. The majestic ambitions of their music have caused them to become one of the biggest rock bands in the world and “Delta,” their fourth studio release reflects those changes and shows that they’ve learned that to play to big crowds, you need a big sound.

After delving into electric instruments for the first time on their previous release, they’ve gone all in on a more produced sound, getting producer Paul Epworth to synthesize their acoustic instruments so they are almost unrecognizable as such.

The songs deal with what they call the “the four D’s: death, divorce, drugs and depression.” Their earnestness is not lost as they mature into the realities of adult life.

While their early supporters may be frustrated with the loss of their folkish roots there is something to be said for a band embracing their arena rock status and experimenting with ways to make their grand musical gestures as epic as possible.