In partnership with Old Dominion University Department of World Languages and Cultures and the university’s Hispanic Latino Employee Association, WHRO is exploring what it means to be Latino in Hampton Roads.

In this episode, we talked with three Latino artists about how their culture influences their work. 

A note for readers: We're using the word Latino in place of Hispanic. Hispanic typically refers only to Spanish-speaking countries and excludes countries in Latin America that speak other languages.

Valerie Morales is a songwriter and performer originally from Puerto Rico. 

She moved to Hampton Roads two years ago with her husband and daughter.  

Morales is also the mid-day host for Hampton Roads’ only Hispanic radio station, La Selecta.

She talked about how her singing career started, and the unique position she has as a radio host serving the Latino community. 

Cesar Carbajal is a third-generation Mexican popatillo artist. 

Popatillo is a traditional Mexican art that uses natural products such as beeswax and dyed straw to create paintings.

He talked about how he is trying to preserve this style of art and share it with new people regardless of their background. 

Cristina Irizarry is a mixed media artist originally from Puerto Rico who is now living in Norfolk. 

She talked about how her upbringing has influenced her art as she's gotten older.

You can hear all three of their conversations below: 

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