Logan's book has won mulitiple awards, including Feathered Quill, Independent Press Awards, and NIEA.

Listen to Alan C. Logan on Watching America

Stephen Spielberg’s blockbuster film “Catch Me If You Can” brought the story of con man Frank W. Abagnale into widespread public awareness. But as award-winning author Alan C. Logan reveals, Abagnale’s confessions of his own exploits are hoaxes themselves.  

Logan’s new book, The Greatest Hoax on Earth: Catching the Truth, While We Can, is an exhaustively researched debunking of the myth crafted by the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest con man.”

Watching America host, Dr. Alan Campbell, notes that Abagnale has presented himself as a “benign cowboy of trickery.” Listen to this interview with Logan to hear about the more malignant aspects of Abagnale’s frauds – and how they were kept undercover for so long.

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