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The Blues has never sounded more intimate than on the all acoustic new album  “Journeys to the Heart of The Blues”It’s an authentic recreation of rare and classic blues songs by veteran guitarist and vocalist Joe Louis Walker, piano player extraordinaire Bruce Katz and British harmonica great Giles Robson.

The trio brings to life the scratchy old recordings made by Papa Lightfoot, Sunnyland Slim, Washboard Sam, Blind Willie McTell and Roosevelt Sykes among others. It is an unadulterated performance rendering these songs fresh and vibrant as if the listener is right there in the juke joint where the songs were originally conceived.

Walker, known for his electrifying blues guitar is a revelation on the acoustic and his vocals hold the whole project together. Katz is among the most in-demand pianists playing blues today and his keyboard provides the energy throughout. Robson is the youngest of the three and his piedmont blues style of harmonica scorches.

It’s clear the artists are enjoying each other’s company as much as they are getting into a soulful groove, playing honest, raw and traditional music born of Americana legends.