Some of Chesapeake’s most beloved radio hosts are returning to the air on a popular local station. WFOS, located at 88.7 on the FM dial, has been opereated by Chesapeake Public Schools for many years. When the school district stopped funding the station at the end of last year, citing budget concerns and a declining interest from students, the school superintendent approached WHRO Public Media about taking over the station.

“We are thrilled to keep WFOS as a viable station in our market. Our goal is to provide a robust program schedule that will stay true to WFOS’s spirit, history and mission,” said Bert Schmidt, president and CEO of WHRO Public Media.

WHRO took over ownership of the station on May 1, but was required to wait on final FCC approvals to fully operate the station. FCC gave final approvals in June. The station is now dubbed the Time Machine Radio Network, and its broadcast reach will expand to all of Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. WFOS can still be heard at its old frequency, 88.7 FM, as well as at a new one, 99.3 FM. Additionally, listeners can pick it up at 90.3-2 HD or stream it online at

While the station’s schedule of programs is still being determined, WHRO is excited to announce that two popular WFOS personalities will be returning to host their own shows. Larry Williams, known for Larry’s Doo Wop and Larry’s Beach Party, is now playing his popular beach music on Saturdays, and Jerry Carter, known for his show Blues Traffic Jam, will play blues on weekdays starting at 4 p.m. Popular WHRV host Paul Shugrue, known for his program Out of the Box will take on the role of music coordinator for the station.

Like your friend who has a killer music collection, Time Machine Radio Network plays a mix of exciting genres. The station seeks to transport listeners to their favorite moments in time through music. Listeners will find a mix of tunes from the 1920s through the ‘60s, including Doo Wap, Motown, Oldies, Blues, Beach Music and more— all without commercials.

Check out Time Machine Radio Network online at and on Facebook at WFOSFM.