Barry Graham is WHRV’s longest tenured personality, and his love of bluegrass and folk music is front and center Sunday evenings on WHRV. Along with his side-kick Harold “Butch” Smith (and trust us – if you’ve ever seen the two of them working together, they’re just that – sidekicks!) Pickin’ is our popular home for bluegrass music, heard at 7pm Sundays on WHRV. Harold brings a wealth of insight into the genre, being an accomplished bluegrass musician who was a part of the famed East Virginia ensemble, along with Barry, whose love of bluegrass music was instilled in him at an early age by his father.

Pickin’ is followed by Acoustic Highway at 9. Barry has a great love for folk music. He can often be found in area coffee shops and other venues looking for talent to feature on the show. Each week, that trip down the highway is made better with the best in acoustic music from here as well as beyond our area.

Pickin’ and Acoustic Highway, Sunday evenings beginning at 7pm on WHRV.