The stylistic changes Manchester Orchestra have gone through since their beginning is the very definition of a band evolving and their newest “The Million Masks of God” is their most audacious and brilliant yet.

The album is meant to be experienced in one sitting, telling a story that gets more intriguing as each song plays. Frontman Andy Hull says “The album is the song.” As it tracks, musical themes are repeated and referenced like foreshadowing in prose.

The story of A Million Masks of God follows a man who meets the angel of death and is shown glimpses of his life from birth to beyond, finding God in the highs and lows of life and exploring what could possibly come next.

The grandeur of the ambition is surpassed only by the intricacy of the instrumentation as the arrangements go from high-energy early on and more subdued later; reflecting the ebb and flow of life. "The Million Masks of God" by Manchester Orchestra creates an immersive journey that's more thrilling to experience than to just listen