WHRO Public Media has filed a license transfer agreement with the FCC to own and operate WFOS FM, previously owned and operated by Chesapeake Public Schools. The license transfer agreement is pending approval. Additionally, WHRO has entered into a management and programming agreement to begin operating the station beginning May 1, 2021. As a station with a long history that is rooted in the community, WHRO is working with the current WFOS staff to ensure a smooth transition.

“We are thrilled to keep WFOS as a viable station in our market. Programming is still being determined but our goal is to provide a robust program schedule that will stay true to WFOS’s spirit, history and mission,” said Bert Schmidt, president and CEO of WHRO Public Media.

“As the first public school FM station in Virginia and one of the nation’s oldest public school radio stations, we are pleased WHRO Public Media will write the next chapters in WFOS’ storied history,” said Dr. Jared A. Cotton, superintendent of Chesapeake Public Schools.