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One listen to Mike Rosenberg’s voice will tell you he’s British. Passenger is the name he’s been recording under for eleven years and his new album “Runaway” not only lives up to his name but reveals his love of America with it’s theme of traveling cross-country. It’s one of the great road trip albums ever recorded.

His past albums have been more orchestral but in keeping with the spirit of traveling through his adopted homeland he adopts an Americana approach with pedal steel guitar, banjos and mandolins subtlety added to the mix.

With songs that travel from New Jersey to Detriot to Yellowstone, his lyrics evoke a spiritual journey of someone looking for meaning in the landscape and finally, accepting that discovery and adventure is the answer he seeks.

Showing the versatility of his lyricism the deluxe editon includes the same songs recorded in acoustic arrangements on an actual road trip in different national parks across the country. Talk about a true Americana experience!