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On their first album in six years Devotchka continues to distinguish themselves as a band that defies categorization. “This Night Falls Forever” is dripping in bittersweet romanticism with dramatic flourishes that are spine-tingling and ambitious.

After their early recordings started being used in Oscar nominated film soundtracks, the band began working in Hollywood scoring movies and TV series.  It’s that experience that delayed this album but also made it possible for them to bring a more cinematic approach to their music as each song unfolds like a classic film noir.

Nick Urata’s other worldly croon is the perfect foil for the fusion of eastern European folk and spaghetti western instrumentation. Eccentric and foreboding, the songs have an intimacy that is startling and truly exciting in their uniqueness.

Devotchka, whose name comes from the Russian word for “girl,” is from Boulder Colorado but their music comes from a completely different space. “This Night Falls Forever” displays how incomparable they are and are only becoming more so.