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Wednesday, August 1, "Evening Classics" featured the following:

"Fantasia for Violin and Orchestra composed by Walter Piston
"Symphony No. 2 'In the Springtime' composed by John Knowles Paine
"The Lady Remembers (Statue of Liberty)" composed by Richard Adler 
"Adagio for Strings" composed by Samuel Barber
"Impromptu-Caprice Op 9" composed by Gabriel Pierne

Veteran announcer Raymond Jones is your host for classical music seven nights a week. On the weekday Evening Classics program, Raymond presents great music from 9:00 until midnight.

Raymond Jones originally came to WHRO in 1983 as an announcer. In 1990, he became a Special Program Consultant to the Vice President of Public Radio Services, and in 1993 was named Vice President of Public Radio Services, as such Station Manager for 89.5 WHRV FM and 90.3 WHRO FM. Raymond now serves as the Cultural Resource Manager for WHRO.

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