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Arriving on the eve of the 2020 election, Wes Charlton creates a singular artistic vision with his fourth album “Breaking Light.” Performing all the instruments and vocals, the songs range from deeply personal to outright political.

Proceeds from the sales will all be donated to covid charities and Black lives matter related groups. Charlton’s previous albums have been collaborations with other artists but with the pandemic he has recreated that sound without missing a beat.

Charlton’s expressive vocals and expansive guitar work highlight the songs that were recorded in hotel rooms, at home when everyone was asleep, a cold church basement and a burned out gas station convenience store in Virginia’s Northern Neck where he lives.

His only guest on the album is his brother, Connor who plays and sings on a couple of the songs but this is not an album that sounds like the work of one person. It’s an impressive, big-sounding rock and roll record and he is an artists who deserves to be heard Now, if only there were someplace he could play….