The pandemic has had a disastrous effect on our local arts community. In honor of our many local artists and performers on pause, Arts Undercurrent with Rebecca Weinstein recently took a look back at memorable moments in Hampton Roads arts history. These four special episodes were written by and produced in collaboration with Norfolk Tour Company.

Arts Undercurrent: The Little Renoir
When was the last time 20,000 people split the bill? In Hampton Roads, it was 1966-1967, when residents donated money towards the purchase of a painting by Auguste Renoir.


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Arts Undercurrent: Ruth Brown
In a Portsmouth church in 1932, a legendary R&B singer was born. That’s where Ruth Brown, then known as Ruth Weston, made her singing debut.

arts ruthbrown

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Arts Undercurrent: Oscar Wilde and the Academy of Music
In the summer of 1882, the little port town of Norfolk, Virginia welcomed a memorable visitor.


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Arts Undercurrent: Irene Leache and Annie Wood
It’s been said that cultural life in Hampton Roads began with the arrival of two women: Irene Leache and Annie Wood.

Two photos of a young Irene Leache kept in a locket owned by Annie Wood

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