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It was precisely this time one year ago (a few months after I began my dream-job here at WHRO), we announced some changes to the lineup of radio programming on 89.5 WHRV. You may recall my noting these ‘changes’ did not mean some of your favorite programs were going away. In fact, thanks to technology, all your favorite shows, segments, and WHRV legacy programs would be available forever on-demand free at

Sure, there was the commensurate-concern around these changes…and rightfully so! As a supporting member and fan of WHRV before I became the Director of Programming, I understood the guarded and concerned responses within the building surrounding these changes. One comment I recall overhearing was "the paint on his office walls isn’t even dry yet and the guy is already moving things around!"

We announced the changes to our members and waited as I continued to be warned “get ready for public outcry…people do not take change here lightly.”

Our CEO, Bert Schmidt and Vice President of Content, Heather Mazzoni made an appearance on our local flagship talk program Hearsay: with Cathy Lewis to discuss the changes and just in case, run damage control. They explained that while we would be moving around the FM schedule on WHRV to better suit the desires of our listeners and create new LOCAL programming like WHRV’s The Writer's Block, made right here in Hampton Roads, all of the programs would still be available online.

It was eerily quiet. Then, the first complaint came in:

“Mr. Doud, I am very upset and considering pulling my support! Where did Selected Shorts go on the weekend? And what were you thinking when you made this change?" a voice grumbled.  

I explained the new programming situation, and assured this valued member we did not cancel any programming. I walked him through the process of finding his beloved program on our website. In addition, when I informed him that he could now hear the program anytime he wanted, any day he wanted, on-demand, the phone became silent.

“Please forgive me…THIS IS FANTASTIC NEWS”, he said “So now, I don’t have to wait until the weekend!”, he added. I thanked him for his call and enthusiasm, hung up the phone and smiled.

This is all I wanted to do for the radio stations I loved as a fan before being honored to curate their future…to allow our members a more diverse, immediate, and enjoyable experience. To give our supporters the content THEY love, when our members WANT IT; when it works best for THEIR lives.

In this same spirit, I invite you to enjoy some new local programs, familiar favorites, and summer weekend specials. Radio Lab moves to Wednesday afternoons at 1, which makes space for new entertainment based programs Saturday mornings. Love gardening? Be sure to tune into You Bet Your Garden, Saturdays at 7 a.m. starting June 2, we will broadcast the new season of Invisibilia, Saturdays at 10 a.m. Our new local program Lost in the Shuffle moves to Friday evenings at 10. If you loved the music, culture, and fun of the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s, you will love Jeff’s new show! 

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