Not many people think of an urban city as an epicenter fore Bluegrass music. After all, Bluegrass was born the mountains of Appalachia. However, the economic hardship of the Great Depression had driven many in rural regions into industrial cities looking for work. And with them, came their music. In the 1950s, Baltimore was the sixth largest city in America with booming industry and a thriving port. It also had a vibrant Bluegrass scene thanks to the influx of laborers from the country. Baltimore became a hotbed of Bluegrass music with artists like Earl Taylor, Del McCoury and Hazel Dickens. Del McCoury paid tribute to the city’s Honky Tonk bars that he regularly played in the 1950s with a 2013 release entitled The Streets of Baltimore. Today, the city is fondly remembered as a place where Bluegrass music had a devoted following that helped to fuel the genre into greater recognition. Sunday night at 7:00, Pickin' looks at Baltimore Bluegrass.