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Dr. Dog has been around for over 15 years but they recently re-evaluated their process. “We were stuck” says lead singer Scott McMicken “we needed to blow it up.” Thankfully, tinkering is all that was needed and “Critical Equation” sounds as fresh as anything they’ve done.

To get out of their comfort zone the band moved out of their home studio to work with an outside producer for the first time. The re-invigorated line-up built on the propulsive groove and the songs are more positive than they’ve sounded in years.

The band’s doubles down on their knack for songs that are great rockers with just the right curve-ball arrangements. Their hazy, carefree and lively emotional range allows the songs to resonate long after they’ve been heard for the first time.  

“Critical Equation” an album that finds Dr. Dog re-dedicated to the melodic psychedelic rock they’ve been known for and their new-found confidence is irresistible.