Hot Rize in 1978, the year the band was formed.

On this week’s Pickin' on WHRV, we feature the music of the legendary band Hot Rize. Formed in the late '70s, the Colorado-based band was instrumental in propelling founding member Tim O’Brien into mega Americana music stardom. The name Hot Rize was chosen as a nod to a long-time sponsor of bluegrass music, Martha White Flour, whose secret leavening ingredient, Hot Rize, came to symbolize a new force in the music. Hot Rize would emerge just as disco ruled radio playlists and the band would go on to several world tours, IBMA awards, 4-star album reviews in Rolling Stone and a lasting legacy in Americana Music. You can experience Hot Rize, Sunday night at 7:00 on Pickin'. You can also listen online.