We have exciting changes to our Saturday night line up on WHRV 89.5 FM starting September 5. Here is the new schedule for Saturday nights.


6 p.m. – Snap Judgement
Longtime fans of WHRV might remember Snap Judgement from years back as one of the most engaging, dramatic and musical delights in storytelling available. Snap Judgement is all new each week, with stories and sounds sure to provide those ‘driveway moments’ where you must hear what happens next.

bbc artshour

7 p..m – The Arts Hour from The BBC
Milan, Sarajevo, London, and even from within a cab darting the streets of Miami, The Arts Hour from our friends at BBC World Service. Host, Nikki Bedi explores arts and culture with an infectious passion, intelligence and verve that will grow your mind and expand your understanding of the unique and diverse world of art and expression. You’ll never know where Nikki will take you each week, but the ride-along will be worth the time.

rhythmlab radio

8-10 p.m. – Rhythm Lab Radio
Rhythm Lab Radio is where music meets the melting-pot of sonic exploration. Join host DJ Tarik Moody for what he describes as a mix of urban, jazz, hip-hop, soul, electronic and everything in between. You’ll hear classic tracks and learn about new and emerging music stylings through an award-winning and diverse array of guest DJ’s. Rhythm Lab is a lesson in musical sound-scapes, and we trust it will become a perfect addition to your Saturday WHRV listening experience.

The 1920’s Radio Network

fish fry small

The Saturday Night Fish Fry with Neal Murray, who passed away in 2018, has moved to our sister-station, The 1920’s Radio Network (99.3 FM) Saturday nights at 7 p.m. We have also made nearly seven years of show available free and on-demand online