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In the pantheon of break-up albums, Courtney Marie Andrews’ “Old Flowers” is the latest in a long line of them. But as each successive generation examines the hurt and pain of lost love, there’s always some new angle to approach it from and an artist with a voice as vulnerable as hers brings a new dynamic to an old theme.

Andrews has been recording since 2008 and this is the follow-up to her break-thru album from two years ago. She purposely stripped down the instrumentation to just three players to make this a stark emotional journey.

She says the album addresses the end of a nine-year relationship. Andrews says “This is my story of the most heartbreaking, but soul-revealing, year of my life.” The title indicates that’s she’s moving on, though, because as she sings “You can’t water old flowers.”

Devastatingly mournful and sad, ‘Old Flowers” is cathartic, hinting at a renewed sense of self-worth and recovery. While breaking up may be universal, Courtney Marie Andrews sings of her personal experience in a way that makes it seem new and may make you forget about all those other break-up albums.