A cornerstone of WHRV’s Saturday night line-up, Saturday Night Fish Fry with Neal Murray will air in perpetuity on WHRO’s sister station, ‘The 1920’s Radio Network’ at 99.3 FM, Saturday nights from 7-9 p.m. and can also be heard online at  whrv.org/fishfry as of July 27, 2020.

Murray, the show’s creator passed away in January of 2018. He created the unique sound of the Fish Fry, a mix of early-era big band, swing and jazz, which captured the essence of the golden age of radio.

“A talent of Neal’s caliber and expertise is one-of- a-kind. Moving this show means his fans can still enjoy it while opening his show up to new audiences and that makes me smile,” said Chuck Doud, director of Radio Program and Audience Strategy. “Neil will always be with us.”

For the summer of 2020, WHRV has been airing music nostalgia programming in place of The Saturday Night Fish Fry from award-winning producer, Paul Ingles. We are still considering permanent programming changes to Saturday evenings, and will keep you posted at WHRO.org.

Starting in September of 2020, WHRO will make nearly seven years of The Saturday Night Fish Fry (from all available recorded archives) available for free, online at  whrv.org/fishfry.

“Thank you to the countless supporters of The Saturday Night Fish Fry who’ve reached out over the years to share their enjoyment and support of the program. Neal loved being here every Saturday night to do the show live. You made that dream of his come true,” said Doud.