We know you’re working hard to ensure every student in Virginia has access to dynamic digital resources to continue meeting your students’ learning goals. As parents and teachers ourselves, the WHRO team understands the difficulties that recent events have brought to the school year. Throughout the year, we offer webinars designed to help you continue developing your skills. 

Recorded Webinars

Want to learn more about how to use eMediaVA and digital media for distance learning?

To help educators, the WHRO Education staff created a series of webinars focused on effective skills, tips and techniques to prepare for successful distance learning using eMediaVA and other digital media resources.

For how-tos on getting started with eMediaVA, you can also visit emediava.org/help.

Teaching at a Distance, Part 1
This session will address important details to consider when organizing your distance-learning classroom.

Teaching at a Distance, Part 2
This session will address ways to increase student engagement when teaching at a distance.

Tools for Teaching at a Distance: Screencastify, Class Dojo, Padlet
This session will dive deeper into Screencastify, Class Dojo, and Padlet. Attendees will learn how to navigate these digital tools and will also discover how each one can assist teachers and students in a distance-learning environment.

Tools for Teaching at a Distance: Flipgrid, Nearpod
This session will explore two powerful digital tools: Flipgrid and Nearpod. Attendees will learn how these digital tools help make distance learning more manageable for both teachers and students.

Blended Learning in the Elementary Classroom
This session shares blended learning tips from two elementary classroom teachers with years of experience.

Tools for Blended Learning in the Elementary Classroom
This session dives deeper into the digital tools used by elementary teachers for blended learning.

Blended Learning for Secondary Teachers
This webinar focuses on blended learning strategies and implementation tips for secondary teachers in traditional and digital classrooms.

Digital Tools for Blended Learning, Part 1

In this webinar, WHRO Education staff will provide tutorials on the latest and greatest in blended learning tools. In Part 1, effective strategies for utilizing EdPuzzle, Quizizz, JamBoard, and Remind in K-12 classrooms will be covered.

Digital Tools for Blended Learning, Part 2

In this webinar, WHRO Education staff will provide tutorials on the latest and greatest in blended learning tools. In Part 2, effective strategies for utilizing Blooket, Screencastify, IXL, Padlet, and Bitmoji Classroom in K-12 classrooms will be covered.

Equity DIY: Practical Tips for Creating Equitable Classrooms in 2022 and Beyond
This two-hour session focuses on social emotional learning and discipline through the lens of equity. Presented by Kambar Khoshaba, Principal at Western Branch Middle School and Casey Roberts, Executive Director at New Horizons, Newport News.

Blended Paths to Equity
This one-hour session will focus on blended learning instructional practices that can create a foundation and pathway to personalization and equity for all students. Presented by Jason Green, co-author of Blended Learning in Action and Co-Founder and Co-CEO of LINC (Learning Innovation Catalyst).

Student Choice in the Modern Classroom
This webinar will focus on the importance of providing options for students in the classroom. Discover how to give students control of their own learning.
Presenters: eMediaVA Ambassadors, Dale Harter, Tammy Byram, Denyse Phelps

Blended Learning Tips for Special Education
With thousands of available resources, it can be difficult to decide which ones to use with our students. Join this webinar to hear experienced special education teachers share their best tips and tools for blended learning.
Presenters: eMediaVA Ambassadors, Tanisha Ricks, Kelley Green

Effective Flipped Classrooms
Learn how to optimize your time in the classroom by utilizing flipped learning. Presenters of this webinar will share their best resources for creating an effective flipped classroom.
Presenters: Janie Everett and eMediaVA Ambassador, Heidi Speece



eMediaVA webinars

eMediaVA a one-stop collection of high-quality instructional resources that are aligned to Virginia’s SOL (Standards of Learning). It features content from trusted sources such as the Library of Congress, National Geographic Education, Sesame Workshop, Science Museum of Virginia, NASA and many more. It also boasts a number of tools that allow teachers to establish playlists, upload their own content, create questions and create playlists. Because eMediaVA is web based, all of this is available anywhere teachers or parents have an internet connection.

Explore the recorded webinars below to learn how you can use eMediaVA.

You can also find tutorial documents at emediava.org/help. 

Prepare for Distance Learning with eMediaVA: This on-demand webinar is a great overview of how to get started with eMediaVA, and why the eMediaVA library is one of Virginia teachers’ best tools for distance learning.

We hosted a series of webinars this winter to help everyone become more familiar with eMediaVA and its features. Watch the recordings below.

Week 1: eMediaVA is Virginia’s premier digital content library for teachers and students. Learn more about searching and using filters in eMediaVA, to find relevant SOL-aligned resources for your students.

Week 2: eMediaVA is Virginia’s premier digital content library for teachers and students. Learn more about how to create playlists in eMediaVA to save resources and enhance instruction.

Week 3: eMediaVA is Virginia’s premier digital content library for teachers and students. Learn more about how teachers can create student accounts in eMediaVA and build instructional groups.

Week 4: eMediaVA is Virginia’s premier digital content library for teachers and students. Learn more about creating student assignments in eMediaVA.

Learning through Digital Media with eMediaVA
Learn more about engaging learners online with eMediaVA's digital media collection, as well as strategies on using digital media to improve learning goals.

Social Emotional Learning: Creating Connections and Building Resilience
Hosted by WHRO Public Media, this one hour webinar covers social emotional learning. Presented by Heather Peterson, Director of Climate & Culture at Hampton City Schools.

Social Emotional Learning: Connecting Digitally with Students
This webinar focuses on tools and resources that are useful for implementing social emotional learning in the digital classroom. Presented by Janie Everett of WHRO Public Media.

Preparing for Hour of Code With Easy Resources and Tips
Hour of Code 2021 takes place from December 6 to December 12. While coding may seem daunting, there are hundreds of resources that make it fun and easy for both students and teachers. Join WHRO Public Media to gain some helpful tips for coding in the K-12 classroom.

eMediaVA Playlists

Playlists of core content in various subjects and grade levels.