If you've always imagined settling down on a tiny, private island off the coast of Scotland, now's your chance.

The picturesque Barlocco Island is located among the Isles of Fleet in Fleet Bay, about 75 miles south of Glasgow. And it's for sale.

Make an offer over $186,000, and the "stunning location with outstanding views" could be yours.

The 25-acre tract is only accessible by boat or, at low tide, on foot or via tractor or quad bike. There are no dwellings on the island, and there is a flood pond that provides water for livestock and wildlife.

But buyer beware: If you're looking to build your dream home there, think again.

Barlocco Island is located within the Borgue Coast Site of Special Scientific Interest, a designation given to protected natural areas in the United Kingdom. That could make any development a challenge.

David Corrie, a partner at the real estate firm Galbraith, which is listing Barlocco Island, told NPR via email that the firm doesn't know if you can build on the island. He said there are no water mains or electricity there, either.

A brochure for Barlocco Island says any "planning opportunities should be investigated by the buyer directly with the local planning authority."

Despite that, Corrie said the real estate firm has already received multiple offers for the island and that it would continue to advertise Barlocco Island until the potential buyers had time to ask questions, view the island if they chose to and hire an attorney to make a formal offer.

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