Voters are heading to the polls Tuesday for Virginia's presidential primary. 

The commonwealth is among 14 states voting for a Democratic candidate. Virginia holds open primaries, which allows any registered voter--regardless of party--to vote. 

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, former vice president Joe Biden, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and U.S Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii are the only candidates still in contention. 

Polls are open until 7 p.m. If you're in line by then, you will be able to vote. 

WHRO's reporters are at polling places across Hampton Roads covering the election and capturing photos. We will continue to update this post throughout the day.

Photo by Gina Gambony, WHRO.

Ernest Brooks (right) voted for Joe Biden at Norfolk’s Larchmont School precinct. Brooks said beating Trump would be a hard job, but Biden could do it. His wife Marieme Maraki is a recent immigrant and is not yet registered to vote.

Photo by Gina Gambony, WHRO.

Alice Jones voted at Norfolk’s Park Place precinct on Super Tuesday. She said most people she knew planned to vote today.

ELECTIONS Norfolk officer
Photo by Gina Gambony, WHRO.

Mary Mills, Chief Election Officer at Norfolk’s Park Place precinct, said turnout has been higher than normal this primary election.

Photo by Gina Gambony, WHRO. 

G.M. Ziller, Jr. is the Chief Election Officer at the Larchmont School precinct in Norfolk. He said he expected more turnout after former Vice President Joe Biden’s win in South Carolina and more candidates suspending their campaigns.

Photo by Sam Turken, WHRO.

Gale Ballard voted at a polling place in the Nansemond area in Suffolk. She wouldn’t disclose who she voted for but said improving healthcare coverage is among her biggest concerns this election.

ELECTIONS polling signs
Photo by Rebecca Feldhaus Adams, WHRO.

Virginia Beach voters in Seatack, precinct 5, voted at Mount Olive Baptist Church on North Birdneck Road. At about 6:05 a.m., seven people had already cast their ballots. Three of them were poll workers. 

ELECTIONS handicapped
Photo by Rebecca Feldhaus Adams, WHRO.

VA election officials are prepared to run ballots out to registered voters who have difficulty walking. In addition to ensuring polling integrity, election officials wear a sticker that invites voters to join the elections staff. It's a day for recruiting, too.

ELECTIONS No Campaigning
Photo by Rebecca Feldhaus Adams, WHRO.

State laws prohibiting campaigning within a certain distance of polling places didn't have much challenge this morning in Virginia Beach. Outside of official election signage, there weren't many candidate law signs to be seen.