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Residents of Virginia Beach’s District 1 can soon start casting ballots to fill the district’s seat for the next year.

Virginia Beach Sheriff Rocky Holcomb previously held the seat. When he was appointed Sheriff, he had to vacate it.

In-person early voting starts Nov. 29 and extends through Jan. 6. The election itself is scheduled for Jan. 9th.

Retired city fire chief David Hutcheson, attorney John Napier and businesswoman Teresa Gladley are all vying to finish out the term. 

The seat will be back on the ballot next November for a regular election.

District 1 includes much of Virginia Beach’s Kempsville area. It was determined in a court redrawing of the city’s voting maps last year.

The only location available for early voting in this election is the Voter Registration and Elections Office located at Building 14 of the Virginia Beach Municipal Center.

This is the second special election within one term for this seat.

Holcomb was appointed to the seat in 2021, after Councilwoman Jessica Abbot resigned amid health concerns. He won a special election in 2022 to keep the seat.

But when long-time Sheriff Ken Stolle retired earlier this year, Holcomb was next in line.

Per city rules, Holcomb had to step down from city council to take the sheriff’s job, opening up the seat. The City Council opted not to appoint an interim representative for the three months until the special election is decided. 

Holcomb will be Sheriff until another special election next November for the position. He’s said he plans to run to keep the job.