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The idea of borrowing from a library isn’t new — but one Virginia Beach library wanted to serve the city’s outdoors enthusiasts.

In addition to books, seeds, plants and board games, the Princess Anne Library in southern Virginia Beach is now offering surfboards.

“We're giving people space to figure out who they are and learn about themselves and teach themselves new things,” said library manager Ashley Barrineau.

“If you want to learn a language, you can go to your library. And now if you want to learn to surf, you can go to your library. So it's just an extension of what we've always done.”

The surfboards allow people to try a hobby before committing.

“My kids change what they're interested in constantly, so finding a way to approach that opportunity and it not be that you have to buy everything you want to try was just – that's what we do in libraries anyway,”  Barrineau said.

The library lets you take a surfboard, but Barrineau said you have to figure out how to get the surfboard home on your own.