The Navy has fired another commander.

This time, it was the captain of the Norfolk-based USS Stout. 

Cmdr. Jeffrey Applebaugh has been removed, according to a statement released this week. He had been captain of the USS Stout since October.

He was relieved by Capt. Blair Guy, commodore of Destroyer Squadron 28, based in Norfolk.

Applebaugh is the third Naval commander to be fired for loss of confidence in his command ability in just over two weeks. In May, the Navy also relieved the head of recruiting in San Francisco and the commander of the USS John Finn, based in Japan. 

No further details have been released. The Navy says the firing will not impact the ship's mission or schedule. The USS Stout has been undergoing maintenance at Naval Base Norfolk. 

The destroyer’s crew was working through a series of readiness tests after the ship came out of dry dock.

On the USS Stout’s Facebook page, Applebaugh was praised for his dedication and compassion as a leader. 

“Thank you for always putting the ship and the crew first. Good luck, and we will continue to get STOUT ready for battle,” read one Facebook post, dated June 3, after the firing.  

This is the fourth commander to be fired this year.

Last year, the Navy fired 17 commanders for loss of confidence.