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AHOSKIE, N.C. - A permit to buy a handgun is no longer required in North Carolina. Previously, residents had to get a permit from a local sheriff.

It comes after the state’s republican-controlled General Assembly overrode Democratic Governor Roy Cooper’s veto. This law was passed and went into effect on Tuesday.

The new law places the responsibility on gun dealers and gun shops to perform background checks for handgun purchases instead of law enforcement. Background checks will still be required for sales through firearms dealers and gun shops.

But they're not required for private sales.

Tamz Sonnenberg, the owner of Tamz & Ammo in Ahoskie, said the new law puts more work on gun shops and dealerships.

"Is it going to make it easier to purchase a gun? No," Sonnenberg said. "It’s going to double the workload if not triple or quadruple the load. It could be five minutes to get approved or it could take a delay which could be seven to 21 days.

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