And on Friday, many vehicles were parked along Granby Street in preparation of the first Norfolk Saint Patrick's Day parade in several years.

News 3 had noticed many vehicle had been ticketed, so we reached out to city officials to ask if there had been a change this year. In years prior, ticketing vehicles had been suspended in this area.

Friday afternoon, City Manager Chip Filer issued a statement admitting it was a mistake.

Manager apologizes

“We are excited the Ocean View St. Patrick’s Day Parade is back this year after a long hiatus. After three years, City staff are a bit rusty at remembering the parade’s annual traditions. As a result, staff mistakenly ticketed cars that were parked in medians along the parade route. I apologize to those that were ticketed over this matter. Rest assured we will correct this error. Please hang onto your ticket and we will provide further instruction on next steps in the near future. I hope everyone enjoys the resumption of this wonderful annual tradition.”

Driving and parking in downtown Norfolk may be trickier to navigate, but we’ve got helpful details on where to park.

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