Many of us see the new year as a ‘fresh start’ – whether it be changing our diet, going back to the gym, or even changing careers.

Moneypenny has recently analyzed job postings in the U.S.’s biggest cities to reveal which have the most jobs available, whether it be full-time, part-time, remote jobs or entry-level roles. They’ve also revealed the most popular industries hiring at the moment.

The data was collected between the 10th-12th of January 2023 and looked at jobs posted within the last month.

New York City was revealed to be the best city for job seekers overall, with 12,072 jobs posted during the timeframe Moneypenny looked at. It also seems that getting onto Wall Street might not be as hard as it seems, with the most popular industry in the city being Finance.

Houston came second, respectively, with 7708 jobs posted – Texan states dominated the top 10, with Dallas and Austin also ranking. Boston placed third, with 7461 jobs posted.

Looking at the number of remote, or ‘work from home’ jobs posted – Virgina beach came out on top, with 32% of the total jobs posted being remote. This was followed by Mesa, Arizona with 29% of jobs posted being remote.

Mesa was revealed the be the best city for full-time roles, with 74% of jobs listed being listed as ‘full-time’. They were followed very closely by Fresno, California with 73%.

Philadelphia, Denver, and Arlington all placed joint third, with 72% of their jobs being listed as full-time.

Virginia Beach also topped rankings for the best city for part-time jobs, with 32% of their jobs listed being part-time. Alongside ranking for full-time jobs, Mesa (29%) and Fresno (27%) also ranked as being some of the best cities for part-time jobs too. Glassdoor does allow you to list a role as suitable for both full and part-time work, which explains the overlap in results.

Moneypenny looked at over 20 industries whilst collecting their data and can also reveal the most popular industries for job roles at the minute. Healthcare ranked first, with a total of 14,149 jobs posted over the 50 cities looked at, followed by IT with 9071 jobs posted, and Retail, with 8854 jobs posted.

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