The Hampton Roads Trauma Informed Community Network is using the first week of May to educate the community about childhood resiliency.

CHKD's Child Advocacy Center is part of the community network and took lessons directly to kids to teach them what to do after negative experiences.

Students picked someone they consider important and wrote short stories about what makes those people so special to them, said Erinn Portnoy, executive director of the Child Advocacy Center.

"Research shows that if you have one special person in a child's life, it can help promote resilience and children can have better outcomes after traumatic events," Portnoy said.

Read more about childhood resilience here.

Below are three stories:

“Nana’s Breathing Skills” by Jurnee Kincannon, 5th grade

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This book is called Nana's Breathing Skills.

To my wonderful grandma. She is always there for me.

Hello, my name is Jurnee. And although my grandma, Nana, lives far away, she still gives me the best advice. She is full of wisdom that comforts me whenever we talk. There are so many things she has taught me. She helps me when I'm sad, mad or stressed. She is the first person I call when I need to talk to someone.

Some of my favorite discussions include what she calls breathing tips. She is the best at breathing activities.

My grandma has different ways to breathe for every situation. When you're sad, she has a way to exhale and inhale that makes you feel better.

One of my favorite breathing activities my Nana refers to as picking flowers. First, close your eyes, then picture yourself in your field of beautiful flowers. Among the flowers are some dandelions ready to be plucked. Be sure to pick a few of those. Next, take a deep breath in and blow out. Breathe in through your nose. Hold your breath for five seconds and then exhale out of your mouth.

No matter how far away she is, she always makes me feel better. Nana is the best because she has taught me the breathing exercises that I can use any time.

Breathe in and peace out.

“I Love My Mom Because of These Things” by Jules McLauglin, 4th grade

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I choose my mom because she is funny and kind to others. She checks my homework, gets me to fun things and takes me to fun places like rollerskating sometimes.

She helps me study when I have a test. She also makes sure I have clothes for school. She wakes up early to pack me lunch for school, she also irons my clothes. My birthday is soon, and I am hoping that she takes me to see the new Sonic 2 movie because I already saw the first one. I hope I get a lot of presents.

She helps me study when I have a test. My mom is the only one taking care of me and my two brothers. She goes above and beyond.

Without her, our world would be upside down.

“Thank You, Dad” by Andrew Singleton, 3rd grade

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My dad taught me the importance of prayer by his example of praying and how to live responsibly.

My dad is the person who made a huge impact in my life. When me and my dad came to Park Place School to do testing, we were both so nervous and I was scared that I wouldn't do well on the tests.

My dad and I sat in the car and he prayed with me. He prayed again for me as I was taking the test.

God heard my dad's prayers and I did well and the test.

Sometime ago, I misplaced my remote for my television.

My dad did not buy me a new remote right away. I had to do without remote and look for the one I misplaced.

A year later, my dad bought me a new one. I never misplaced my new remote, and I keep it in a special place.