In partnership with Old Dominion University Department of World Languages and Cultures and the university’s Hispanic Latino Employee Association, WHRO is exploring what it means to be Latino in Hampton Roads.

In this episode, we talked with three members of Old Dominion University's Latino Student Alliance.

Darby Lehman was born in California, but the rest of her family is from Mexico. She served in the Navy for 8 years as a Mass Communication Specialist and moved to Hampton Roads in 2015 when she was stationed at Naval Station Norfolk. 

Diego Feliciano was born in La Paz, Bolivia. He started at ODU in 2018 and has lived in the U.S. since 2014.

Tatiana Calderon was born in Virginia, and her family is originally from Peru and Honduras. 

A note for readers: We're using the word Latino in place of Hispanic. Hispanic typically refers only to Spanish-speaking countries and excludes countries in Latin America that speak other languages.

Hear the trio's conversation about language barriers, being part of a Latino family and of course, Latino food.

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