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In 1950s Arkansas, Olly Neal didn't care much for school. Then one day, he cut class, wandered into the library and stumbled onto a book by author Frank Yerby. The discovery changed the life of a teenager who was, in Neal's memory, "a rather troubled high school senior."

Years later, he told his daughter, Karama, at StoryCorps in 2009, he learned that the librarian — his English teacher — had quietly and generously orchestrated the effort to transform him into a big reader. Neal went on to attend law school and later became a judge, retiring as an appellate judge of the Arkansas Court of Appeals.

The Treasures of Mrs. Grady's Library

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This episode of StoryCorps originally aired in 2009; it published as an animated video earlier this month.

Produced for Morning Edition by Vanara Taing and Aisha Turner.

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