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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in the political fight of his life. Israel held its second national election in six months and the polling for it is too close to call.

Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party looked like it was going to sail to victory in the election in April. However, Netanyahu failed to garner enough support from smaller parties and could not form a government.

In a bid to win support from hard right-wing parties, Netanyahu promised to annex a significant portion of the West Bank if he won the election, eliminating the possibility of a future Palestinian state.

What does this mean for Israeli-U.S. relations? What’s the future of the two-state solution? We ask an expert for answers.


David Makovsky, Senior fellow and director of the Project on the Middle East Peace Process at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and co-author with Dennis Ross of “Be Strong and of Good Courage: How Israel’s Most Important Leaders Shaped Its Destiny.”

Ryan Chilcote, Special correspondent, PBS NewsHour; @ryanchilcote

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