Even though Beyond Meat has doubled their production of Beyond Burgers, the global, plant-based product still seems to be selling out everywhere. AND YES, IT TASTES LIKE BEEF – this is why you can’t get your hands on the two-patty package sold at Whole Foods, Organic Food Depot, and soon to be follower, Harris Teeter. The texture of the Beyond Burger is fatty, meaty, juicy, just what veggie burgers have been missing for years.

With it, the last six months have seen a surge of Beyond Burger on menus throughout Hampton Roads. But not everyone knows how to cook the quarter-pound, pea-protein burger yet. We taste-tasted at least a dozen restaurants to experience the best of the Beyond, but tried-and-true, the finest version came from:

Brick Anchor Brew House, Downtown Norfolk
Way Beyond Vegan Burger
100% Plant-Based Char-grilled Burger; Kaiser roll; LTO, Tomato Basil Sauce ($12)

The owner, Phil Smith, says, “We have a big following and are listening to our community. Problem for me, I wasn’t loving anything else out there that showed the flavor and texture and the look of what we wanted. This one being 100% plant-based was incredible – and, I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan.” Enjoy with a beer from their extensive drink list of craft brews and mighty cocktails.

A close second: Food for Thought in Williamsburg, already a popular place for veg choices, was one of the first to add Beyond Burger to the menu. Legend Brewing in Portsmouth also came in contention along with the new Taphouse in Ghent.

Alicia DeFonzo is a food/travel contributor to Let’s Eat, and is a Lecturer of English at Old Dominion University where she teaches food writing and study abroad courses.