I recently got into the art of pickling, whether it be used as a side dish, or an accompaniment to a sandwich. Taking fresh ingredients and pickling them is a new trend I’m currently stuck on!

The possibilities are endless -- fresh beets, cucumbers, carrots, fennel or even radishes. No all pickling has to involve canning and or fermentation. There are numerous methods of pickling such as quick pickles, salt brined, vinegar brined or fermented.  I’d like to share a bread & butter pickle recipe I recently used to add a sweet crunchiness to a Shaved Brisket with Jalapeno White Cheddar Pimento Cheese Sandwich.



6 cups                   cider vinegar

7 cups                   sugar

2 tsp                     turmeric

1 tsp                     celery seed

2T                         mustard seed



4 lbs                      cucumbers, sliced wide

2 each                   yellow onion, cut into half moons

¼ cup                    kosher salt



Combine all ingredients for brine and set aside.

Wash and slice cucumber, mix with onion, salt and ice.

Allow to sit for 3 hours, tossing every 30 minutes.

Rinse and drain cucumbers.Place cucumbers in pot with brine.

Place on stove over high heat. Once liquid comes to a boil remove from heat and place into holding container. Allow to cool completely. Will last up to thirty days


**Do not allow pickles to boil, or they will become mushy**


 Bryan Haines is the Executive Chef at Atlantic Shores in Virginia Beach where he develops original, delicious dishes for residents and their guests. He has worked at top restaurants in Virginia and New Jersey, and his unique dishes have earned a variety of local awards, including: People’s Choice at the Virginia Foodbank’s Tastefully Yours competition; Most Creative Recipe in the Seton Youth Shelter Derby; and three awards at the Mariners Museum’s History Bites competition — Judge’s Choice, People’s Choice, and Iron Clad for Most Authentic.