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Highlights this month: Black History Month, Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), Presidents Day (Feb. 17), Digital Learning Day (Feb. 27)

Black History Month

Presidents Day

Learn how Presidents Day began and find information on each president in this playlist.  

Valentine’s Day

All About the Holidays - No one knows for sure who St. Valentine was, but we still honor him with a holiday. Listen to one legend about who he was, and discover more about this celebration of love. 

Valentine’s Day Science - Explore family loyalty in the animal kingdom. Do you know which animals mate for life? 

Free Printables - Valentine’s Day Cards featuring PBS Kids characters

Valentine’s Day Crafts

Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day is February 27! It's a great day to practice the art of coding with our Crash Course Computer Science collection. This collection of videos will take young learners step-by-step through the basic principles of computer science. Be sure to tag @WHRO if you're using eMediaVA on #DLDay! 

Learn to code with PBS Kids ScratchJr - With this app kids can create their own interactive stories and games featuring their favorite characters from Wild Kratts, Nature Cat, WordGirl and Peg + Cat! The suggested age for this app is 5-8, but we’ve found that adults have just as much fun with it as the kids! 

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