This month’s collection from WHRO Public Media's eMediaVA features content for Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. From the chemistry of cooking a tender turkey to the valiant stories of veterans who survived the Holocaust, these resources will liven up your classroom and help you engage students this month.

Veterans Day:

Atomic Bomb - WWII veterans share their experiences with the atomic bomb. Includes video interviews with three veterans and a lesson plan.

Holocaust - Students learn about the Holocaust through firsthand video accounts. Includes videos from five veterans, activities, a presentation template, and a presentation rubric.

Could Pearl Harbor Have Been Prevented? - Students learn about the attack on Pearl Harbor and explore ways that communication is vital to protect society and prevent conflict. Includes video interviews with WWII veterans, a student research handout, and a lesson plan.

Veterans’ Stories: The Veterans History Project -  Discover personal stories of American war veterans and civilian workers who supported them, as recorded in interviews, diaries, letters, photographs, and drawings, provided by the Library of Congress. Collections includes videos, images, letters, and a teacher’s guide.

National Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month | All About the Holidays
Native American Heritage Month honors the indigenous people living in the United States before the arrival of the Europeans. In November, the United States honors and celebrates the customs and legacy of Native Americans.


Thanksgiving - Study photographs, paintings, letters, and official proclamations from the Library of Congress to discover historical perspectives on American Thanksgiving holiday traditions beginning with the pilgrims who came to North America on the Mayflower.

The Chemistry of Tender Turkey - Use science to prepare the perfect juicy turkey. Includes video and discussion questions.

The First Official Thanksgiving - The First Official Thanksgiving video offers evidence that the story of the Pilgrims having the First Thanksgiving is more myth than historical fact.

Thanksgiving | All About the Holidays - This video about the history of the holiday also comes with a word search and discussion questions.