PBS Kids’ Mr. Steve is always a big hit at the annual Virginia Children’s Festival in Norfolk. This year was no exception, but WHRO Public Media was excited to share a bit of the stage with him. We sent singer/songwriter Skye Zentz to perform alongside Mr. Steve during one of his sets.

Zentz writes songs for our popular GreenBeats program – a series of animated shorts for children that focuses on critical environmental issues. Zentz and Mr. Steve performed “Greenbeat on My Street” and “Rising” from the latest GreenBeats episodes.

“Greenbeat on My Street” explores how a community can make a big impact on protecting the environment if everyone pitches in and does a small part.

  greenbeat street

 Watch the full episode.

“Rising” explores the topic of sea level rise from the perspective of the water if it could have a voice. 

greenbeat rising

Coastal Virginia is experiencing the highest rates of sea level rise on the East Coast of the United States, and the song helps young children start to become aware that it is an important environmental issue. Some of the lyrics state:

I am rising up up up
Until you see me
I am Pushing back
To claim my space
There is such a great heat
It is moving me
I am rising up &
You can’t look past me

While you stand by
I am rising
While you look away
I am rising
Side by side we can find a way
I am rising

Watch the full episode. 

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