Whether you are a public school teacher, parent, grandparent or homeschool educator, this time of the year provides a great opportunity for hands-on learning inside and outside of the classroom. We've compiled some learning activities to help children explore concepts in math, science and literacy -- all using fun Halloween activities. 

Halloween Videos

Peg + Cat Recycle
To prepare for a Halloween parade, the characters in Peg + Cat must sort and recycle junk left behind in a field. This video offers a timely lesson on being good stewards of the environment.

All About the Holidays
Halloween hasn't always been about candy and costumes. Take a look back at the historical traditions about spirits that are the basis for the holiday. This fun video comes with a word search and discussion questions to use with children.

“What’s so Scary?” Music Video  
Listen as kids investigate Halloween favorites like bats, cats and skeletons. Find out how their intended purposes really aren’t so scary.


Math & Science

Candy Corn Math - WeAreTeachers offers three ideas to learn math using candy corn and their free printables. 

10 Amazing Science Tricks for Halloween from HooplaKidzLab. From dancing ghosts to DIY scary slime, they have great experiments, if you don’t mind getting a little messy.

Create a Geometric Bat and teach your students about shapes with this free template from mathfour.com.

Roll a Jack-O’-Lantern Math Game - Help students practice recognizing numbers, place values and patterns with this game. Find a list of materials and instructions at pbs.org.

Make a Pumpkin Volcano for a new twist on exploring the reaction you get when you mix baking soda and vinegar. Find step by step instructions at Little Bins for Little Hands.


Literacy & Writing

Acrostics are a fun way to work on vocabulary and writing skills. Have students choose a Halloween-themed word such as ghost, pumpkin, scary or treat. Instruct students to write the word vertically down the side of their paper. Students come up with sentences that begin with each letter of the word. To make it more challenging, have them create lines that rhyme! 

Halloween Writing - Proud to Be Primary offers a free set of printables and instructions to help you craft a writing lesson about a haunted house. The activity allows students to work on vocabulary and positional words.

Ghostly Word Game - Teach your students about word families using a balloon and small ghosts made from tissue paper.