eMediaVA’s home education resources add fun to distance learning and home learning.

Looking for excellent, free resources for learning from home? Whether a child struggles with specific content topics, missed school, disabilities, social-emotional needs, or just wants some fun learning activities to do with friends or family, eMediaVA is one-stop resource.

Below are 5 of my favorite resources from eMediaVA and PBS to share with families to support at-home learning opportunities:

learn and grow 1200

1. “Learn and Grow with WHRO” (K-3rd grade) and “Continue to Know with WHRO” (4th-7th grade) were developed during the global pandemic to provide instruction to students at home by Virginia educators. These engaging lessons are about 13 minutes long and provide an activity to reinforce learning after watching the lesson. Although created during the pandemic, these video lessons are still helpful for families to extend their child’s learning at home.

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2. Another great eMediaVA series is “Teachable Moments.” The videos are geared toward K-5 students and include many resources for families. Some videos are STEM activities that promote collaboration and problem-solving with families. Others emphasize the importance of visual arts, performing arts, health, wellness, or content-related materials. My favorite “Teachable Moments” resource focuses on social-emotional wellness with activities like role-play and making a stress ball. Each video has links for handouts, activities, and other supporting materials. This series will support families in extending learning experiences in core content areas, and can also provide students with additional real-world resources.

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3. Other resources on eMediaVA are made specifically for parents or guardians. “REACH” is a self-paced interactive reading program to engage parents and children as at-home reading partners. Designed by classroom reading specialists and aligned with kindergarten through third-grade standards, these self-paced interactive lessons are enjoyable for all ages. I recommend this resource for parents on Digital Citizenship!

4. “PBS Kids for Parents” is a series of documents to help parents or caregivers have tools to have honest conversations with their children. Explore parent resources to help you raise kind, curious, and resilient children.

5. “Move to Include” has videos about creating environments to be inclusive of people with disabilities. This specific video provides home and family strategies for children with autism.

These resources are helpful to educators when looking to provide families with support. A quick search on eMediaVA will deliver even more videos, handouts, and activities.

Access the entire collection of resources now.

Amanda Knighton is an elementary teacher in Middlesex County and an eMediaVA Ambassador. This article was originally published on the eMediaVA blog - check it out for more educational articles and resources. 

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