Season 11 continues with new episodes of Cyberchase! The episodes air Monday, April 16 through Friday, April 20, on WHRO Kids. 

In the first episode, Housewarming, the Three Pigs finish building their house and hire Jackie to throw a housewarming party. But when Hacker and Wicked accidentally zap the mountain near the Three Pig's house, the building starts heating up! Tune in to see if the CyberSquad can cool down the Three Pigs' house and save their housewarming party. The episode airs April 16.

On April 17, In Invasion of the Funky Flower, Hacker's doofydill loses at the annual flower growing contest in Gardenia. As revenge, he brings back a Funky Flower, an invasive species that smells horrible, steals water, and spreads quickly. Can the CyberSquad save Gardenia from Hacker and the Funky Flower? 

The third episode, A Renewable Hope, Hacker captures an Earth brat but the Wreaker runs out of fuel. Hacker lands on Ekardia, a desolate cybersite and is forced to call the CyberSquard. However, one Ekardian was left behind after Ekardian ran out of resources. Together, Hacker, CyberSquad and Ted have to learn from Ekardia's past and figure out how to get home. Tune in on April 18 to see what happens.

On April 19, the next episode, The Migration Situation, Professor Bobson hosts the Migration Celebration, an event that happens every five years for bird watchers to catch a glimpse of the rare trillers. When the birds don't show up, he finds out there are bird sightings all over Cyberspace. With the help of triller lover Digit, the CyberSquad, and the new data from the migration, can they figure out what went wrong?

In the last episode, Back to Canalia's Future, the water levels in Canalia are rising. Digit's friend Pearl, a Canalian, tries to convince the other Canalians that this is a problem but they don't believe her. She tries to take them back in time using the time machine to show them how much the water levels have change, but Hacker has stolen it! Can Pearl get the time machine back? Can the Canalians protect their future? Tune in on April 20 to find out.

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