Looking for ways to get into the Halloween spirit? This collection of creative Halloween crafts and snacks will fire up your children's imagination and prepare the family to enjoy the spooky season. 

Halloween Crafts

halloween spider 1200

Handprint Spider  - Make your own creepy cool spider to use in your Halloween decorations.

How to Make Oobleck - Whether you call it slime, gak or oobleck, you've got to try this fun and easy science experiment!

Day of the Dead Candle Magnets - Turn ping pong balls and battery tea lights into "Sugar Skull" magnets for a great way to open up a dialogue with kids about holidays celebrated in other countries.

Glowing Ghost Jugs - This quick and easy decorating idea uses recycled plastic milk jugs.

DIY Bat Tree Decoration - A few simple supplies bring these bats to life.

Paper Haunted House - Draw spooky creatures in the windows of your own lift-the-flap haunted house.

Spooky Snacks

halloween dirtcup 1200

Snack Hacks | Apple Donuts - Make a health fall snack that builds science, reading, and math skills.

Edible Dirt Cups - Learn about the different types of soil and make an edible "dirt" cup.

Cook Up Some Edible Slime - Explore the properties of different ingredients while creating tasty edible slime.

Frankenpops - A quick and easy marshmallow treat recipe for Halloween.

Want More Halloween? 

Halloween Vocabulary Word Search - Learn the vocabulary of Halloween with this fun word search.

Keep It Halloweird Collection - Parents and teachers will find scare-free and informative videos, activities, and lesson plans for grades PreK through high school in the spooky curated collection.

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