It’s Halloween andThe Cat in the Hat escorts Nick and Sally on a fun-filled adventure in search of the best Halloween costumes ever! The Cat is primed to enjoy a spooky ride – he really loves a good fright, from things that are scary and go bump in the night!  But it’s not so with Nick and Sally. While Nick finds thunder and lightning very very frightening, Sally jumps at noises in the night that give her a fright! While The Cat in the Hat can’t promise a spook-free ride, he assures them that if put to the test, our fears can soon be put to rest. In fact, they might find that some little frights can be really big fun!

  Nick and Sally are up for the task, except The Cat in the Hat can't quite remember how to get to the Ooky-ma-kooky Closet, where all the best costumes are sure to be found.  As they veer off course, Nick gets a fright when they fly right into a thunderstorm.  But by dodging those flashy-flish-flashers and booming-boom-bangers, Nick is able to see up close how thunder and lightning actually work together to create nature’s most awesome show!

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