Tune into new episodes of Cyberchase this December!

Tune into new episodes of Cyberchase this December!

December 26-31
THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS! More new episodes from the exciting 11th season of Cyberchase are landing in the schedule this December, including a New Year's Eve-themed episode!

“Creech’s Creature Quandary” Premieres December 26, 2017 

  • Creech invites the CyberSquad to Tikiville to show off the amazing new bike path that has everyone riding bikes rather than driving cars. Everyone is having fun – even Hacker is joyriding on his bike! When Inez realizes the busy bike path has divided the habitats of many of Tikiville’s creatures, splitting up families and preventing animals from reaching food and water, she tells Creech the path should be shut down. But Creech doesn’t want to take away the benefits the path has created for her community. The disagreement drives a wedge between the two good friends. Can Matt, Jackie and Digit help them find a compromise? And what is that sneaky Hacker up to?

“A Murky Mystery in Mermaidos” Premieres December 27, 2017

  • Digit is going on his annual visit to Mermaidos, an underwater paradise, to visit Eugene, one of his best friends in the whole cyber-world. But when Digit arrives, something is wrong. Mermaidos is murky and warm and the fish are leaving in droves. Feeling terrible for his pal Eugene, Digit calls in the CyberSquad to help. What could be heating the water and making it uninhabitable for the Mermaidians? And can they stop whatever – or whoever – it is before all the Mermaidians need to leave their home? 

“Plantasaurus!” Premieres December 28, 2017

  • It's a special night in Cyberspace for Matt, Inez and Jackie. Motherboard has invited them to a slumber party in the newly renovated Control Central! But a case of sneezes, itchy eyes and scratchy throats threatens to put a damper on the slumber fun. And to make matters worse, Hacker has his own surprises in store for Motherboard that night. Inspired by a monster movie, he makes his very own plant monster to take over Cyberspace once and for all! Can the kids get to the bottom of the problems inside Control Central before the problems outside come to Motherboard’s front door? 

“A Reboot Eve to Remember” Premieres December 29, 2017

  • It’s almost Reboot Day – when all of Cyberspace celebrates a fresh start for the new year! It’s Delete’s favorite holiday, but Hacker is in a bad mood because he’s low on energy. Fortunately for Hacker, the blustery town of Bottawa has a powerful energy source he can steal. Unfortunately for Bottawa, this energy source raises the big ball at midnight on Reboot Eve, and the celebration is being broadcast live across Cyberspace! When Hacker goes through with his plan, Delete stays in Bottawa to join forces with the CyberSquad and save the holiday. Can they find a way to use Bottawa’s wind to raise the big ball by midnight? And will Hacker’s Reboot resolution bring Delete home?